Styling a Victorian Corset for a modern look

If you type “Corset” into an image search engine many of the pictures will take on some specific styles. Somewhat sexy, lots of cleavage which may work for a nightclub or steampunk convention but not for a business meeting. That being said a corset can be the basis of other kinds of looks. I wanted to create a more professional look that might work for a business setting.

Here is a look featuring an 1860s Victorian corset in brown wool suiting that has been paired with a matching pencil skirt. In addition, trim has been added to the corset to accentuate the fact that the model in this image is tall and slender.

Our model is wearing dark stockings and a pair of flat shoes in these pictures.

This look was also designed to not show cleavage. Not every woman wants visible cleavage (or at least may not want to have it on every occasion). A blouse under the corset provides a level of modesty as well as protects the corset from the oils of the skin.