Pattern Drafting is always interesting

I have been working on a few new designs for corset patterns here. A good thing to remember is that what a pattern looks like on paper is not as important as what it looks like on an actual person. Yesterday I tried this design on a model for the first time. It is a plunge front corset based on the 1860’s corset (with a few other changes). Based on how it had looked in the PDF I had thought that the neck plunge area would actually be too narrow and would need to be made wider.

When I tried it on the model I found that it was if anything way too wide. If she had not had a tank top on under the corset it would have been showing far more of her breasts than would generally be desirable.

In order to take a corset with a neckline that is too low and wide there are a few options to try. The easist is probably to layer it over some other garment (such as a lacy black bra) that can provide the extra coverage required.

If you want to be able to wear it without that a quick trip to the store to find a nice 1” wide strip of lace that can be tacked onto the neckline is probably a good solution.

As for the pattern. I have modified it a bit. I brought the neckline up and in (as seen here) it should now show a narrower gap between the breasts and a bit more coverage on top.