How to acheave a tiny waist in a corset without tightlacing

When you look at photos of Victorian women in corsets they often appear to have impossibly small waists. There are many myths that say that look was achieved by lacing the corset down to a level that could break ribs or do internal damage. More often than not it was actually achieved by some retouching of the photo in the darkroom by the photographer. (Yes that was very much a thing! in the 19th century)

Of course, photo manipulation is easier today than it was in 1880, as it can be done on a computer vs in the darkroom. Of course, you can still do that.

But if you want to make your waist look tiny in a corset to people who might be seeing you in person there are a few options you can try. First of all color placement can do wonders. in this corset, the blue section narrows from the waist to the hip line.

The modern aesthetic is to make every part of the body as small as possible. But one of the best ways to make your waist appear small is to make the bust and hips larger. Increasing volume on the hips and bum. by way of a bum pad or petticoat